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The PHA provides rental assistance to low-income families within the private rental market through the Housing Choice Voucher Program in Schenectady County. This program is designed to provide clean and safe living conditions for low-income families, keeping rents at an affordable level.

The Section 8 Housing Schenectady County program aims to promote the freedom to choose your own home, integrating lower-income families into the mainstream community. Private owners are incentivized to offer private housing to communities that can no longer afford the full cost of housing. Schenectady County strives to supply quality living environments and adequate opportunities to those within the community who need support.

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher is committed to equal, fair housing assistance that does not discriminate. The voucher program is a viable option for anyone who requires help in housing themselves or their family. Schenectady County’s voucher program was set in place with the idea to assist the more than 12% of the county’s population who require housing assistance. Section 8 Housing Schenectady County helps those in need to become self-reliant again while integrating into a caring, diverse community.

Once selected for the Section 8 housing program, you could have access to safe, decent housing and assistance through other community outreach programs. The program assists the elderly, disabled individuals, lower-income earners, and veterans by ensuring rental is capped at a percentage of your income, and that the remainder of your rent and utilities is paid directly to your landlord.

Housing standards are strictly monitored and must comply with the minimum health and safety requirements set out by the PHA. Adequate housing is the foundation to success and that is why it has been made available to the people of Schenectady County by the public and private sectors. As a Housing Choice Voucher consumer, you become part of our vision to revitalize and uplift the diverse community of the county. For eligibility and availability contact your local Schenectady County Housing Authority offices.