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The Section 8 Central Office takes issues of fraud, waste and abuse seriously. Past investigations into similar allegations, when substantiated, have resulted in administrative, civil and criminal cases against those who committed these frauds. In order to continue to combat fraud, the Section 8 Central Office maintains a hotline for reporting allegations of suspected fraud, waste and abuse by participants or landlords. Call 518-372-8846 and follow the prompts to report fraud. Please leave your name and contact information, specific information regarding the name and or address of the person suspected of committing fraud. We will protect the identity of callers to fullest extent possible.

Yes, you may rent a single-family home if the landlord accepts the program, it passes HQS inspection and is within a participating jurisdiction.

Yes, you may add a person if the landlord gives approval and you are not overcrowding the unit. If a person being added is over age 18, he or she must be reviewed for arrest, pass a sex offender check and a debts owed to other HA’s check. Any change in household must be reported within 30 days of the change.

You are required to report any and all changes within 30 days. You can learn more on this by visiting the attachment of “10 things you should know” in our tenant resources section

We have a small list of landlords that allow us to make their information public and are happy to provide it upon request.

Your unit can remain vacant for up to 30 days, unreported. If vacant longer than 30 days, it must be reported and consistent with current policy and not to exceed 6 months. The unit must be maintained (rent paid and utilities on) while vacant.

Yes, persons can be removed with evidence the person has vacated the unit. Any change in household must be reported within 30 days of the change.

Please visit the Am I Eligible section to see income limits by county.

Yes, all and any income received is to be reported by all household members regardless of age. Certain income, including the earned income of those under 18 is generally not counted in the calculation of household income. It is your job to report all income, it’s our job to determine which income is countable Include a period.