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Family Self-Sufficiency

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) is a voluntary program for HCV and Public Housing participants…  designed to help your family achieve economic growth through education, improved employment opportunities, financial planning and home ownership. 

If you choose to participate, you’ll meet with a Referral Coordinator to identify what goals you want to accomplish over the next few years and what steps you need to take to move forward. This becomes your FSS Action Plan.

You choose your plan

Our FSS Coordinator becomes your coach and advocate in helping you achieve your goals. The timelines are realistic and are developed keeping in mind your present skills and abilities. You can be connected to nonprofit organizations, social service agencies and educational institutions to identify available resources to help you overcome barriers to success.

“A house is made of brick and mortar, but home is made by the people who live there”

M.K. Soni


Additional Benefits for Saving

Being enrolled in the FSS program also gives you the chance to earn money in an escrow account. This savings account is an escrow account that you can use to help meet the goals on your Action Plan.

When your family’s earned income (from employment) increases and your share of rent also increases, Section 8 contributes a portion of the rental increase to a savings account for you. These funds can be used to pay off debts, purchase a vehicle, pay college tuition fees, or make a down payment on a home if these are goals on your action plan.

Click here to read more about FSS or reach out to our Central Office at Tel: (518) 372-8846.