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Montgomery County has many affordably priced rental houses on the Section 8 Housing Montgomery County voucher program. These housing options offer reasonable, clean, and safe accommodation for those in need. Servicing middle to low-income families, individuals, the elderly, and those with disabilities, the project aims to facilitate housing for everyone.

Despite the recession, private and public sectors have banded together to create innovative funding initiatives for private landlords. This has ensured the productive partnerships that have been put into place between property owners and displaced individuals and families. Multi-family housing, individual housing, and standalone family housing have ensured that those who require assistance are serviced. We know that the community of Montgomery is diverse and as such so are their needs. Housing Choice Vouchers give the power of choosing a home back to the person who needs to live in that home. To determine whether or not you are eligible for the Housing Choice Voucher program, contact the Montgomery Public Housing Authority.


The Section 8 Housing Montgomery County does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, color, familial status, or disability and housing must meet the highest levels of health and safety that is set out by the PHA. Our private housing options are selected not only on the ease and comfort of your everyday living but based on your specific needs. Community outreach, recreational, upskilling, and educational programs have all been taken into account. Job training and readiness initiatives are also in place to help you find your way back to financial freedom. The Housing Choice Voucher Program not only offers a safe alternative to housing but ensures that you are treated with integrity and respect in your time of need.


Amidst dramatic reductions in government funding, and the uncertainty of employment during recent times the Section 8 Housing initiative has been a welcome relief for those who are battling to stay afloat financially. Montgomery County is committed to instituting strategies that help the residents in need. The maintenance, modernization, and upkeep of privately owned buildings is a priority to us because we know you deserve housing that is safe and affordable. With housing choice vouchers you have one less stress to deal with. Contact the Montgomery County Housing Authority to begin your application to housing freedom.